Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Screen Printing

Screen Printing is something new that Dan Royer Design can offer you for your design needs.

Pricing breakdown:
• $20 screen fee. The screen will be used numerous times and this is a one time fee.
• $4 per item printed. (This covers ink costs and time)
• Pricing varies on the items you are looking to have printed. I have a T-Shirt company that I have
   used before, and suggest if getting shirts you go through them.
• Shipping costs to send items to you.

There are some restrictions though:
• Prints can only be 1 color
• If on a T-Shirt it can only be one sided.
• Print area for any item can only be 8" x 10"

Please know that Dan Royer Design is making these t-shirts using the YUDU at home screen printing system. That means that each shirt is handled one at a time, and each shirt is also unique and it’s own individual piece of printed work. There may be some cases where ink does show up outside of the main print area. All efforts are taken to avoid such things, but it can happen. I no way is DanRoyerDesign a professional screen printing service, but an at home option for your printing needs. Samples can be sent upon request. All fees are stated up front and are held in a binding agreement between DanRoyerDesign and the client. If you are unsatisfied with the quality of a specific shirt, please let DanRoyerDesign know and something can be worked out.

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